Tongkat Ali IS the Real Deal

Eurycoma longifolia, a flowering plant more widely known as ‘Tongkat Ali’ in its native South East Asian habitat, has traditionally been used to treat a variety of ailments by indigenous cultures.

Look around the net and you will find a lot of hype about Tongkat Ali.  This is probably how you got to Testosteroned in the first place. Claims abound that it is able to cure everything from cancer to malaria.  While these are both deadly diseases, for the purposes of this post they do not concern us.  We are more much more interested in answering the following question: will supplementing with Tongkat Ali give us more boners?


Tongkat Ali Extract– the good

In a direct answer to the question posed in the paragraph abovee, the best reason to take Tongkat Ali extract is that it gives you more boners.  As of 10/18/2012, this is the first and only supplement on this site that I officially endorse.  There will be more to come.  I will discuss my personal experience with Tongkat Ali in a different article, but in this one I just want to introduce you to Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat ali extract works through signaling the hypothalamus in your brain that testosterone levels are too low, which causes it to react by telling your testicles to produce more testosterone. Clinical studies on animals have shown that it improves both sexual performance[1] and boosts testicular and penile growth.  Unfortunately, I have not come across any studies actually confirming the penile growth in humans, so don’t get too excited. Nevertheless, if you desire to be more man, then Eurycoma Longfolia is a good start.

If you are looking for the other benefits of increased testosterone, then Eurycoma longfolia extract does not disappoint. A study published in the peer reviewed British Journal of Medicine backed up claims that it has a positive impact on muscle training programs and weight loss[2]. Other impact from increased testosterone should also be expected, including the possibility of using it as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

What about other hype? Studies have also shown that the E. longifolia root in combination with artemisinin has promise as a anti-malarial candidate[3]. Additional studies in medical journals also show that it can promote anti-proliferative effects with a variety of cancer cell lines[4].


Tongkat Ali – the not so good

It is a sad reality that governments around the world have been forced to take fake products off the shelves and issue warnings regarding the fact these products often contain dangerous, fake prescription drugs within them. If you are buying off the internet then be aware, a report by a medical journal in 2010[5] estimated the proportion of fake Tongkat Ali products can be anywhere from 44-90%. This proportion is highest when the “Tongkat Ali” supplement is marketed as a sexual enhancer.  Know that Eurycoma longifolia is incredibly bitter.  Any links to Tongkat Ali products on this site will be to legitimate Tongkat Ali that I myself have tried and tested.

A word of warning, the change in the balance of hormones in your body is going to have a variety of effects on you, not all positive. Tongkat Ali side effects have been reported to include restlessness, insomnia, anxiety and aggression. This is as a result of the increase in energy levels attributed to a rise in testosterone levels. Because of this rise in testosterone levels it also recommended not to be used if you are suffering from prostate or breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease or anything that causes weakened immune function.

Also don’t forget, like all drugs you can expect a come down when the drug leaves your system and the body begins to re-balance testosterone levels. You may find yourself having to take more of the extract in order to continue to feel the ‘up’ that it can give you.


ADD Version of This Article

  • Eurycoma longifolia is known as Tongkat Ali
  • Tongkat Ali largely matches the hype
  • It increases testosterone levels in extract form
  • Will cause erections, improvements in strength training
  • Caution when buying, lots of fake or dangerous Tongkat Ali out there
  • Possible side effects from high testosterone levels
  • May require higher doses to maintain effectiveness


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