Tongkat Ali Concentration Guide

As you look to buy tongkat ali online, you’ll find that different suppliers sell it in different concentrations, with varying milligram per capsule increments, with a different number of capsules per bottle.  What this amounts to is a complete headache in figuring out whether you are getting a good deal or not.  This nifty little guide will help you figure out exactly how many “tongkat units” you are getting per bottle.  One “tongkat unit” is equal to 1 capsule with 1 mg of 1:1 tongkat ali.

Tongkat Ali Concentrations:





Tongkat Capsules/Bottle

40 capsules

90 capsules

100 capsules

120 capsules

Tongkat Milligrams/Capsule

200 mg

300 mg

400 mg

600 mg


Here are the various combinations of tongkat ali I have come across:

OrderConcentrationmg/CapsuleCaps/Bottle"Tongkat Units"

1:1 x Any number of caps/bottle x Any number of Mg/Capsule

Don’t buy it for 3 reasons.

Tongkat Ali root grows in rain forest soil which is full of bacteria and decay. If you’re going to get the non-extract, at least get the tea.  At minimum when you soak it in hot water you purify it.

The second reason is that it might not be effective.  I think this is largely BS.  Tongkat Ali root had been used as an aphrodisiac in Asian cultures for millennia before anyone created an extract.

Finally, a few places claim that taking the straight ground root powder is bad for your liver.

Just don’t do it.  Get the extract.  If you want to know more information about Tongkat Ali, click here.

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