Testosterone Challenge: Increase Testosterone by 50%

Testosterone Challenge: Increase Testosterone by 50%

I invite you to take the Testosterone Challenge with me.  The mission: increase my testosterone by at least 50% in 90 days.  Bam.

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Testosterone Challenge – The Story

On Dec. 26th at a company party, I suffered a near-fatal break dancing accident.  That’s a bit of an overstatement, but I pulled my groin.  I had to quit working out, and with that I quit supplementing with testosterone-boosting herbs like Tongkat Ali and I basically started to eat whatever I wanted which amounted to copious amounts of sweets (it was that time of the season!).  I was not doing what was optimal for my testosterone levels.  About 2 weeks into this bender I realized that this was an excellent opportunity to show you guys that increasing testosterone was truly possible by making important lifestyle changes.

It’s not like everything I did was necessarily bad for my testosterone levels.  I wasn’t exactly living the beta male lifestyle, but it definitely was not good.

During this time I went on a three week vacation with my girlfriend to Sri Lanka.

What is the net effect of a Sri Lanka trip on your testosterone?

What is the net effect of a Sri Lanka trip on your testosterone?


Time with girlfriend
I am in a long distance relationship and the only time I get to spend time with my girlfriend is on vacation.  I think you can connect the dots.  On a totally unrelated note, sex is good for your testosterone levels.

Exposure to sun
Sri Lanka is near the equator.  Your body produces vitamin D naturally when you expose it to the sun.  Adequate Vitamin D levels are essential to maintaining a high testosterone levels.

This is pretty much the only rigorous exercise I have gotten in the past 2 months.  We did a fair bit of hiking, walking, and exploring in Sri Lanka.  It’s no replacement for weight lifting but it’s better than nothing.


Sedentary Lifestyle
Pulling my groin was worse than I imagined.  I couldn’t get out of bed for 2 days and I was limping for over a month.  I didn’t fully recover until about a week ago.  I suspended all physical activity other than walking.

Crap Diet
When I stop working out I stop eating right.  For me, the two are intricately tied together.  I usually limit my intake of carbs and sugars.  Instead I created my own food pyramid and I was eating largely out of the Hersey’s food group.  6-11 servings.

Sri Lanka was an interesting place to visit, but their food sucks.  It’s surprisingly bland for South Asian cuisine and is extremely rich in carbs.  No matter what you order, you will be unable to escape the deluge of rice, pasta, potatoes, pancakes, and bread.  If that wasn’t enough, the fresh fruit is hard to pass up, not to mention that Sri Lanka had some of the most delicious and cheapest ice cream I’ve ever tried.  When you eat or drink carbs, your sugar levels spike and your body releases insulin.  Insulin spikes are devastating to your testosterone levels for a variety of reasons.

Lack of Supplementation
I rely on vitamin D and tongkat ali to keep my testosterone levels elevated.  Tongkat Ali is not exactly cheap, and when I am not working out I feel like I am not getting the most bang for my TKA buck.  I have not supplemented for 2 months.

I went to get my testosterone tested for the first time.  The result was unsurprising: 298.  Pretty low, but I am not worried.  It’s just more motivation to increase it.

So what is the Testosterone Challenge?

The challenge is to see by how much you can increase your testosterone in 90 days through manipulating your diet, supplementing with natural testosterone-boosting herbs, and performing full-body exercises to increase your body’s natural testosterone production.

To get my exact diet plan, exercise plan, and supplementation regimen so you can play along at home, subscribe below.

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Step 1: Test Your Testosterone

Before you do anything, you need to test your testosterone levels.  This is going to be your score to beat.  Read my article about how to test your testosterone levels for more info.


  1. Jeremiah says:

    What was the outcome of the challenge?? I did not see an update on the blog.

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