Testosterone and DAA

DAA boosts testosterone in frogs.

Are you familiar with DAA? If you are then you are either a bodybuilder or someone desperately in search for a way to boost your testosterone. Fortunately, you are in the right track.   Identifying the main function D-Aspartic acid aka DAA is an amino acid which functions to control hormonal output, not the least […]

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Ginseng and Testosterone

Ginseng can help boost your ratatouille testosterone.

Ginseng is a broad topic but I’m going to start with the one everyone is most interested in.  After all, this site is about increasing testosterone so… Does Ginseng Increase Testosterone? Why yes!  Yes it does! Possibly… Ginseng is one of the more popular herbs in Western culture and the size of the market has […]

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Does Tongkat Ali Work?

Tongkat Ali Boosts Sperm Productionn

I asked the same question before I bought my first Tongkat Ali product.  Does this stuff work?  It absolutely does and I have 3 reasons to prove it: 1. Personal experience Three weeks ago I got off a cycle of eurycoma longifolia (scientific name for tongkat).  It’s not that I wanted to, I did it […]

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Tongkat Ali Concentration Guide

As you look to buy tongkat ali online, you’ll find that different suppliers sell it in different concentrations, with varying milligram per capsule increments, with a different number of capsules per bottle.  What this amounts to is a complete headache in figuring out whether you are getting a good deal or not.  This nifty little […]

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Muira Puama: The Most Understudied Herb

Muira Puama lacks study

Fair warning, in this article you will find an unfortunate lack of scientific study.  I scoured the internets for hours looking for studies and basically found nothing.  This post is kind of an aggregation of the general consensus about Muira Puama, so take all the claims here with a grain of salt.  I will try […]

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