Maca Lipideum Meyenii

Nothing good ever grows in North America, not for testosterone at least.  If you want some herb, you got to go to our Southern counterpart.  That’s what I always say.

What is Maca?

Somewhere in the mountains in Peru and Bolivia grows a mysterious herb called Lepidium Meyenii which the Incas knew as Maca.  The Incas used this herb to increase sex drive, and once the horny Spanish conquistadors found out that they could boost their libidos, Maca began to fetch a pretty penny, even going so far as becoming a currency for a time.  It just goes to show you that regardless of the time period, men will drop mad cash to improve their performance.  Lepidium Meyenii was also used to improve stamina (non-sexual, sorry), and physical endurance, but who cares?  We all know the real reason the Spaniards were consuming Maca by the fistful.

Some basic facts on Maca that you should consider before using it, whether dried, powdered or in tablet form:

Scientific name: Lepidium meyenii, most commonly known as Maca, a herbaceous plant indigenous to Peru but grown in some parts of Bolivia and Brazil.  It thrives in cold, elevated climates and its root is primarily sought after for improving sexual function. [1]

Uses and Benefits of Maca:

In a study conducted by the Department of Biological and Physiological Sciences at Universidad Peruana in Lima, Peru, a favorable effect on the production of sperm cells have been observed in both adult male rats and adult men. [2] In a controlled setting on a 12-week schedule using randomized testing of different doses of Maca in normal men, an increase in sexual desire was noted after 8-12 weeks of dosage.

Separately, another group was given placebo to measure the effect of sexual arousal for the purpose of weeding out auto-suggestion.  This group had no noticeable effect.

It is important to note that observations were also conducted to study the effects of serum testosterone levels when taking Maca.  However, no such increase of serum testosterone levels was noticed during medications of up to 3-0g of Maca per day for up to 3 months. [3] According to these studies, Maca does not increase testosterone levels, although some theorize that it increases the quantity of bioavailable (free) testosterone.  More on this later.

Amazingly, Lepidium Meyenii improves your sperm quantity and quality.  You will have more swimmers in your pimp juice, faster swimmers, and more pimp juice in general.  If you are trying to have a baby, Maca may be a helpful consideration.  Speaking of babies, or rather their carriers, you might want to consider slipping your partner some Maca when she’s not paying attention (or maybe when she is).  It’s been shown to improve libido in women as well.

For best results, mix Maca with other natural supplements, particularly those that contain Nitric Oxide, and as always, eat and exercise to maximize the benefits Maca has to offer.

Maca Side Effects:

Maca has no drastic side effects, mostly because it does not increase your testosterone. It is safe to take in acceptable and even high doses.

As with any other vegetables that contain some concentration of glucose, it’s not advisable to consume Maca in substantial quantities when on a low-iodine diet, as it may cause goiters. Although it has not been proven that Maca may cause or worsen the condition of persons with goiter, it’s best to consult with your doctor before taking or consuming Maca in any form. [4]  I am not sure if I am legally obligated to tell you that, but just in case.

On an interesting note on the benefits of maca, the dark Maca root variety actually contains a healty dose of iodine as per one author’s study on herbal medicine. [5] This can help maintain your thyroid health.

Should You Take Maca?

Ask yourself, “Why am I trying to increase my testosterone in the first place?”

  1. Are you complacent and seeking ambition?
  2. Are you trying to improve your mood?
  3. Are you trying to elevate your sex-drive?
  4. Are you puny and your muscles wasting away?
  5. Do you want to ejaculate buckets?  Are you trying to have a kid?

If you answered yes to 2, 3, and/or 5, lepedium meyenii can help you.  Remember, you don’t want to increase your testosterone.  You want the beneficial effects of increased testosterone levels.  If maca largely simulates the effects of elevated testosterone, why not take it?


ADD Version of this article

  • Maca has been used by South American tribes for centuries
  • Maca is an effective aphrodisiac
  • Maca will help get you hard
  • Maca does not increase your testosterone levels, boooooo
  • Maca improves quantity and quality of sperm
  • Maca increases libido in females too
  • Maca has no serious side effects



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(Requests for offprints should be addressed to G F Gonzales; Email:

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