5 Ways to Naturally Increase Testosterone

The information found in this article is pretty cliche advice readily available across the internet but this wouldn’t be a proper testosterone site without it.  Generally speaking, I will be giving you real, actionable advice on boosting your testosterone levels but you have to have the basics down first.

If you do not already take these steps, start right away before you try the latest boner cocktail or magic herb.  If your diet sucks and you don’t exercise, following the advice below will significantly improve your T levels.  It’s also the first line of defense against the natural testosterone decline with age, so listen up.


Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally:

  1. Stay Fit by Losing Weight. Being fat makes you unattractive and immobile, but it also contributes to decreased testosterone levels.  I advocate getting a lot of exercise, of course, but a 20-minute work-out a few times a week will be enough to keep your testosterone elevated and your general health in Czech. 
  • Warm up for 3 minutes
  • Sprint or exert yourself in any way for 30 seconds, as hard as you can
  • Jog for 90 seconds
  • Repeat this just 7 times and your workout is complete.  If you’re just starting out, 2-3 times is enough.
  1. Stick to a Healthy Diet. I can’t overemphasize the importance of a healthy diet especially if you want to increase your declining testosterone levels naturally.

a)      What to Eat:

• An anti-inflammatory diet loaded with phytonutrients-rich fruits and lightly-cooked vegetables

• Healthy fats (saturated and mono-saturated)

–          raw nuts (almonds and pecans), unheated organic nut oils

–          olives and olive oil

–          coconuts and coconut oil

–          palm oil

–          butter made from raw organic milk

–          organic pastured egg yolks

–          avocados

–          grass-fed meats

b)      What to Avoid

•  Foods and drinks loaded with sugar

• Refined carbohydrates

–          breakfast cereals

–          bagels, waffles, pretzels

–          most other processed foods

•   Consume plenty of zinc. Supplementing your diet with this mineral has been shown to markedly raise low testosterone levels among men. (40 mg/day is the upper limit for adults if you take it). Natural food sources of zinc are:

–          protein-rich foods (meats and fish)

–          raw milk (unless you live on a farm, this is actually illegal to buy and sell, so know that you need to smuggle this contraband like a low-life criminal)

–          raw cheese

–          yogurt or kefir

–          beans

•   Boost Your Intake of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).  Research has proven that BCAAs increase testosterone levels especially when taken along with strength training. Foods rich in these amino acids are whey protein and dairy products like quality cheeses.

  1. Strength Train. This increases testosterone levels naturally along with the high intensity exercise I mentioned in step 1. You will have to increase the weight as you lower your number of repetitions.  I can personally recommend the 5×5 workout.  I’m a naturally skinny guy but it got me benching 300 and dead lifting 405. Focus on those exercises that work a large number of muscles, like bench press, dead lifts, and squats.
  2. Increase your Vitamin D Levels. It’s hard to believe that in many regions around the world, including in the US, Vitamin D deficiency is commonplace. We get this essential vitamin from the sun for free, so wtf.  I live in Chicago and am cooped in an office so we don’t get that much. Expose as much of your skin as possible; sunbathe naked on your roof. (CAUTION: Painful sunburn doesn’t complement high testosterone levels, and will make things worse in the sack, so be careful.) Taken orally, 8,000 IUs of Vitamin D is the suggested daily intake for adults, and it’s what Tim Ferriss recommends in the Four Hour Body.
  3. Reduce Stress. Chronic stress is undoubtedly the primary trigger of many modern-day illnesses. It releases high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which is what you need for mating, competing and aggression.  This could be a good thing if your woman enjoys having you take your frustration out on her in a sexy way. But as much as you would want to prove your sexual prowess or be a skating champion, it’s best to reduce chronic stress because its subsequently elevated cortisol levels block the effects of testosterone in the long term. You wouldn’t want your partner to wonder why you’re as fierce as a tiger one month and as meek as a lamb the next?


ADD Version of this article:

To increase testosterone levels

  • Lose weight
  • Eat healthy
  • Pump Iron
  • Get some sun
  • Relax
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