Taking Ice Baths to Boost Testosterone Guide

Taking Ice Baths to Boost Testosterone Guide

In this post I am not going to go deep into the science behind ice baths, and to be honest with you, the science is pretty inconclusive of whether ice baths increase testosterone levels or not.  I think they do, if not because ice baths are a super manly thing to do.  Put some hair on your chest, boy.

This post is about my experience and recommendations with ice baths.

You will hate yourself every single time you do this, but it’s a rite of initiation.  I’ve taken dozens of these, and I never get used to them.  I hate myself every single time, and yet drag myself kicking and screaming into the bathroom to take the plunge.  And unlike most things you hate, it never gets easier the more you do it.  Each and every time you do it is as torturous as the first.

Preparing Your Ice Bath

Turn the cold water on and plug your bath tub like a champ.  Set it on the lowest temperature.  If you live in a cold climate, the water in the winter will be substantially colder than in the summer months.  In fact, in the winter you don’t even need to throw in ice.  Most of you will need ice and, unfortunately, your freezer will not be able to supply you with enough to cool your bathtub to an appropriate temperature.  You will have to pick up ice from your local gas station.  1 KG should be plenty if the faucet water is cold enough.  Otherwise, get 2 bags.


Ice Ice Baby

The second you get in the water, you will begin gasping for air like you just completed a marathon.  Your heart will begin racing the way it

Cold Baths

I forgot to mention the hard nipples in the article. Yeah. That will also happen

does when your wife catches you in bed with another woman.  Honey, what are you doing home so early?

After 3 minutes, the shivers go away and you begin to get comfortable.  This is your body basically accepting its hypothermic fate and coming to terms with its cold, watery grave.  After 5 minutes you will begin to kind of enjoy it.  There is some sort of endorphin or serotonin release going on and you feel high.  Not that I would know, but MY FRIEND told me that an ice bath beats some of the drugs he’s tried.  Go figure.  10 minutes in, you are basically indifferent whether to stay or leave.

In the Four Hour Body, for maximum testosterone boost, Tim Ferriss recommends two 10 minute ice baths per day, one in the morning and one before sleep.  In the chapter on weight loss, he advocates a 20 minute cold bath.  I’ve actually never done the twice a day regimen because one ice bath is miserable enough.  Two is suicide, but if you are more hardcore than I am, have at it hoss.

I really recommend polar bearing with headphones and a podcast.  Stuff You Should Know is always a good choice.  It helps the time go by quickly.  If you are confident in your bath taking abilities, you can even hold the phone over your body and play Fruit Ninja like I do.  Beat 1533, sucka.

Despite the severe mental anguish, it’s totally worth it.  You come out feeling supercharged, and there’s no better way to start your day.  Last year, I had an inextinguishable chronic cough despite oral steroids and antibiotic treatments.  When those failed, I resorted to acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  No success.  It was the cold baths that finally eliminated it.


ADD Version of this Post

  • Ice baths are manly
  • Ice baths are painful and miserable
  • If water is cold enough, ice is not necessary.  Otherwise use ice.
  • After a few minutes, an ice bath begins to feel good
  • Take 1 cold bath in the morning and 1 in the day
  • Listen to a podcast to pass the time
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