Does Tongkat Ali Work?

Does Tongkat Ali Work?

I asked the same question before I bought my first Tongkat Ali product.  Does this stuff work?  It absolutely does and I have 3 reasons to prove it:

1. Personal experience

Three weeks ago I got off a cycle of eurycoma longifolia (scientific name for tongkat).  It’s not that I wanted to, I did it in the name of science.  This was somewhat of a controlled experiment since I changed nothing else. For the first week I felt basically the same.  My libido was still through the roof, I felt motivated and driven at work, and I actually wanted to go to the gym (didn’t have to force myself).  By the 2nd week I already skipped a  gym day out of laziness, got reprimanded at work for not taking enough initiative, and let’s just say that my frequency of emissions decreased substantially.  Also, you will notice a lack of posts to Testosteroned from November 4 to Nov 18.  This is not a coincidence.  Yesterday, I restarted taking Tongkat Ali (1:200, 4 capsules, 400 mg) and I’m feeling super motivated. Motivated enough for Tongkat concentration guide, this post, and maybe one more.  So motivated that I’ve already been to the gym twice.  All the signs of an elevated testosterone level are back.

The only Tongkat Ali I use is this one: SD-200.  There are cheaper options, but there is a lot of crap on the market posing as Tongkat Ali, so I am willing to pay a bit extra for the real stuff.


2. Unbiased Tongkat Ali Testimonials

Now, if you read them off Amazon or any tongkat supplier, a lot of these are fake and written by the companies that sell them.  But here are some from totally unsolicited sources having nothing to do with tongkat ali. Here’s one I found on reddit.

Tongkat Ali Reddit

This guy was already on Testosterone Replacement Therapy but saw a huge boost to his testosterone levels after supplementing with Tongkat Ali.

Here is his blood work: That’s an unreal increase in free testosterone.   Natural Testosterone Booster Tongkat ali This guy is sharing too much information.

Tongkat Ali Boosts Sperm Productionn

This guy is also sharing too much, but at least he’s scientific about it. What he says about finding a quality Tongkat Ali distributor is absolutely true.


3. Tongkat Ali Studies

When it comes to supplements, good luck finding quality, scientific information.  It is exceedingly rare.  Of all the herbs I talk about on testosteroned, only Tongkat Ali has a lot of legitimate, scientific backing.

Studies on Animals

Most studies done on Tongkat Ali are unfortunately done on animals.  Obviously these results must be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s at least some indication of how TKA might impact humans. Study 1: Tongkat Ali Undoes the Damaging Effects of Estrogen In this study, rats were treated with estrogen and other rats were treated with both estrogen and tonkat ali.  The rats treated with both showed signficantly higher sperm counts. Study 2: Tongkat Ali Restores Bone Strength to Rats with Osteoporosis In this study, rats suffering from osteoporosis were treated with tongkat ali to see if their bone density would improve.  It did.  Higher bone density is correlated with high testosterone levels.

Human Studies

Study 3: Tongkat Ali significantly improves athletic performance In this study conducted by the reputable British Journal of Sports Medicine, the subjects were divided into 2 groups, one taking Tongkat Ali supplement and the other not.  They measured the following fitness indicators: body composition, arm circumference, and a one repetition maximum lift.  In all 3 tests, the experimental group treated with eurycoma longifolia experienced statistically significant increases over the control.

Study 4: Tongkat Ali significantly reduces symptom of hypogonadism In this study, elderly men with hypogonadism were treated with 200 mg of tongkat ali for just a month.  In the beginning of the month, 10.5% had no complaints related to low testosterone and 35.5% had normal testosterone levels. At the end of the month, 71.7% had no complaints related to low testosterone and 90.8% had normal testosterone levels.  How is this not the most reported supplement study of the century? Perhaps it’s because there is an industry that makes billions of dollars a year pumping men full of synthetic hormones.

Study 5: Tongkat Ali Helps in Conception Couples unable to conceive due to male infertility were treated with tongkat ali extract.  The sperm quality improved significantly by all measures: quantity of semen, sperm concentration, sperm morphology, and sperm motility.  14.7% of the treated couples were able to conceive.


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