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Tongkat Ali is the single best herb for naturally increasing your testosterone levels. 

This is where I get mine: SD-200

SD-200 Tongkat Ali Pyramid

SD-200 is my choice for Tongkat Ali.

Who Can Benefit from Tongkat Ali

You! Tongkat Ali is for men who want to increase their testosterone naturally without turning to synthetic and dangerous methods.  I have seen so much benefit from my personal use of Tongkat Ali, I recommend it to all men.

For WeightlIfters and Athletes
If you are a weightlifter then you know how important testosterone is to your progress.  The more testosterone in your blood, the more weight you can lift, the easier it is to keep fat off, the faster you can recover from injuries.  Unfortunately, bodybuilders and athletes turn to steroids and other unhealthy or unsafe methods.

The truth is, they don’t have to.  Tongkat Ali presents a safe, effective, and inexpensive way to boost athletic performance and build muscle.  In a scientific study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, test subjects were split into 2 groups, one receiving just 100mg of tongkat ali extract per day, and another receiving a placebo.  5 weeks later, the results were measured and they were staggering:

MetricPlaceboTongkat Ali
Lean Body Mass04.1% Increase
Body Fat %6.6% Decrease9.13% Decrease
1 Rep Max2.8% Increase6.1% Increase
Arm Circumference05.8% Increase

Source: “Joint Conference of BASEM and BASES”.

British Journal of Sports Medicine 37 (5): 464–70. 2003.

Imagine how much more you can get out of your workouts with the power of tongkat ali.

For Men with Low Testosterone (hypogonadism)
If you’re a gentleman in your 40s, 50s, or older, you probably noticed a significant decline in your physical and sexual performance.  Worse yet, your very interest in sex has disappeared.  This is particularly damaging to your relationship with your spouse.

  1. It makes your partner feel unsexy and undervalued.
  2. Your loss of libido can shatter your confidence, and an insecure husband leads to an unhappy and unfulfilled wife.

It’s not your fault.  Your testosterone has been declining by roughly 1% per year, every year since you were 30.  You now have a choice to make.  You can either continue down the path of aging and going quietly into the night, or you can be proactive and regain that edge with Tongkat Ali.

Tongkat ali will help you:

  • Regain your sexual desire
  • Strengthen your erections
  • Make you feel more confident and proactive
  • Give you more energy and vitality

For All Men
People selling testosterone-boosting supplements always focus on the “sexy” benefits.  But I think the greatest benefit is neither the harder erections nor the increased libido.  It’s this: testosterone is literally what makes a man a man.  Improving your testosterone levels will have a profound impact on your assertiveness, drive, and optimism.  Does it come as any surprise that high levels of testosterone are correlated with greater wealth and success?

If you have the time, you must watch this amazing lecture by Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy.  She demonstrates how testosterone influences your success and how others perceive you, and offers a really useful trick to temporarily increasing your testosterone levels.

Why SD-200

SD-200 is MY choice for Tongkat Ali.  Here’s why:

It Works
It does what it says it will do.  I feel the testosterone coursing through my veins.  I wake up more alert, I feel sharper at work, I feel more competitive, more motivated, more optimistic.  I feel more sexually aggressive.  I have more frequent morning and spontaneous erections, and I am noticing faster gains at the gym.  More importantly, my motivation to go to the gym in the first place is higher than ever before.  I don’t skip days like I used to.  I have all the signs of an increased testosterone level.  If you want to feel the same as I feel, you should do as I do.  Get SD-200.

Made in the USA

SD-200 is US Made

SD-200 Tongkat Ali is made in the US.

A lot of the “Tongkat Ali” out there is manufactured in China where it is often laced with chemicals like Viagra or cheap herbs.  The fact that it is made in the US means that there is real oversight in the manufacturing process.  Because I live

in the US, it also means faster shipping.

Money Back Guarantee
When I was first buying Tongkat Ali I was skeptical.  SD-200 has a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.  If it doesn’t work for you, just request a refund.  You don’t have to return your unused product.


Get SD-200 Now

I have tried all the testosterone-boosting herbs, you name it: Tribulus, Maca, Arganine, Yohimbe, Muira Puama, and Ginseng.  They all help in varying degrees, but the one I always come back to is Tongkat Ali.

I want to become the ultimate guide for men and women seeking honest information on how to increase their testosterone levels. I only promote the supplements I take myself and would recommend to my father.  As of right now, SD-200 is the ONLY supplement I endorse.

Once you buy SD-200, send me an e-mail.  I’m excited to exchange experiences about this amazing product with you.

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