Can Velvet Deer Antler Boost Testosterone?

I was in Singapore at a zoo in 2011.  We passed by the rhinoceros cages.  The guide stopped our trolly and explained that the Asian and African rhinos are endangered for a very peculiar reason.  It's … [Read more...]

Horny Goat Weed and Testosterone

Horny goat weed is known by many names.  Believe it or not, scientists don't actually call it horny goat weed, but rather epimedium.  Other names are  rowdy lamb herb or yin yang huo in Chinese. It is … [Read more...]

Can Rhodiola Increase your Testosterone?

Rhodiola sounds more like a faux-Italian dish you order at Olive Garden than a testosterone-boosting supplement.  Don't let the name trip you over.  This herbal supplement has potential.  Read … [Read more...]

Testosterone and DAA

Testosterone and DAA

Are you familiar with DAA? If you are then you are either a bodybuilder or someone desperately in search for a way to boost your testosterone. Fortunately, you are in the right track.   Identifying … [Read more...]

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